Our fleet operates all over the world, safely carrying oil for our customers, which include the largest Oil Companies.

Daily we load and discharge in the Middle East the Americas, East and Southeast Asia, and Europe, while we also carry oil to Australia and the islands of the Pacific. We sail across the Atlantic, the Indian and the Pacific Oceans, and the neighboring seas.

And we do it efficiently and safely.

We believe and are dedicated in promoting our target of SAFE, CLEAN and EFFICIENT tanker operations.

We are committed to these targets and give our highest priority to the health, safety, and security of us and our colleagues on board and ashore, as well as everyone else involved in our operations.

The target of ZERO POLLUTION and minimal environmental impact during our operations is also of the highest importance to us, and is promoted in our day to day operations and by our behavior.

We believe in the right to “stop work” by everyone who may observe acts or operations the he believes could harm health, or are likely to result in environmental damage.

MTM, has developed a comprehensive and constantly evolving SMS which provides the framework for our Health, Quality, Energy, and Environmental policies and procedures.