Technical Management

The Technical Department at MARAN TANKERS MANAGEMENT INC. ("MTM") oversees and supports all technical operations of the vessels in the MTM fleet as well as MTM's new ship building projects.

A key element for the success of a modern Tanker Management Company is its strict adherence to the relevant rules /regulations and industry standards as well as the adoption of voluntary environmental and safety measures. This coupled with a well-planned proactive maintenance program for the vessels, their equipment and systems, results in maximising the availability of the fleet, minimising costly repairs and providing to our charterers a safe, high-quality, reliable shipping service.

The success of MTM's new building projects relies upon a full appreciation of the latest technical innovations within the shipping and shipbuilding industry in general, and the tanker industry in particular. On top of this strong foundation, MTM adds its extensive in-service operating experience to insure its new build tanker vessels incorporate the latest technology, a practical approach to ship operations and the human interface, as well as industry best practices.

Close co-operation between MTM's Technical Department and the other Departments within MTM, along with outside organisations, is a must for supporting proper operations.

The Technical Department staff oversees the above activities with commitment and efficiency. MTM's Technical team is comprised of Superintendents and Fleet Managers whose qualifications range from well experienced ex-Chief Engineers having practical (hands-on) knowledge, to University Graduates in relevant fields who provide the required theoretical and analytical skills. Together they bring to MTM and it customers, specialized knowledge and experience in the design, construction and operation of Tankers.