Officer’s Forum

January 23, 2020

The end-of-year Forum took place on 13th December in Angelicoussis Group Auditorium. In order to encourage discussion, we tried to do something different and had the Officers vote on topics they wanted to discuss (from their phones) on a list of prepared questions.

The selected topics voted for were:

  • The challenges faced onboard when in port due to the multiple activities that take place
  • Safety is very important but do we believe it is possible to make it our first priority at all times?
  • The fleet expansion of Maran has led to a shortage of seafarers which affects us all
  • Increasing workload onboard due to the increasing numbers of regulations
  • Vetting inspections are a challenge – how can we better prepare?

Useful discussions ensued with proposals to enable us to better face these challenges. This new approach to the forum was strongly supported by everyone and the 3.5 hours passed by very quickly.